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The olive oil brand "Le Delizie del Frantoio" was born in December 1992 as a result of a project that lasted for longer than one year. Despite the firm and personnel are young, we succeeded in mantaining the traditional way of producing our fine foods.

Il nostro Frantoio With the same attention we pay to the production of our extra virgin olive oil, we make other fine foods as well; a selection of traditional recipes, flavours that have the taste of the sun and country around us; all natural products, for a tasty and healty diet.
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Le Delizie del Frantoio are not sold trough shops: we sell directly to the customer with a swift delivery, please contact us any time you want to receive any of our products directly at your address. For delivery outside Italy please ask about delivery costs. Should you like to visit us, please feel free to come at any time. Outside the January - April period it will possible to vision a video that will take you trough all steps of the olive oil production, but if you will at the beginning of the year, you will see it live!..

Our factory is in Borgo d'Oneglia, little suburb of Imperia in Liguria (Italy), and comprises an old stone mill dated around 1750, that is still powered by the water of the adjoing river.
Inside the mill, everything is at it always used to be; every year, from January to April, we produce olive oil exactly as they used to do 50 and more years ago.
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You cannot find our products in any shop apart from our ones in Italy or our distributors outside Italy.

* We are looking for more distributors all over the world and especially in United States of America, if you are interested in please write us at franchising@empolio.com

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